Our requirements

Most of our mature courtesans join us through personal recommendation and we are very selective about asking ladies to join us. Having said that, we also welcome applications from ladies with the right attributes to add to our team!
In addition to style, an open minded attitude and bags of sex appeal, you will also need discretion, empathy and be the kind of person who enjoys other people. A great physique and sophisticated appearance are highly desirable, as are perfect manners and good social graces. But a strong and broad sense of humour is a must-have!

Are you right for our mature escort service?

Are you a charismatic personality? Can you charm the birds from the trees? Can you seduce an armchair if you set your mind to it? Do you enjoy the company of men and find them interesting? Do you have a professional and business-like attitude? Are you strong and confident?

Then you could well be right for the profession of courtesan and for us. What are the specific requirements? You should:

  • Be over the age of 35
  • Be taller than 160 cms but no taller than 185 cms
  • Possess an excellent figure, good hair and well maintained nails.
  • Be well presented at all times.

What else is required to be a courtesan?

You must have a high quality wardrobe that allows you to dress appropriately and elegantly for any occasion. It need not be huge; a capsule wardrobe is fine as long as it offers you enough flexibility. Your shoes need to be well maintained and on-trend. High quality underwear is, as you would expect, essential.

You must be fluent in English to a very high level.

Please apply if

  • You meet all the criteria described
  • You really want to be a courtesan in London
  • You have read the site and understood all of the content
  • You have the drive, commitment and opportunity to spend time with interesting male companions
  • You fully understand our philosophy as a high-class mature escort service and are comfortable that our philosophy matches yours.

Data and photos

If you want to work with our escort service, please fill in the form below and send two or three full body photos. The photos should be no more than three months old.

Our preference initially is for candid snapshots or selfies rather than beautifully crafted and retouched studio work. We can get to those later, but if you want to include one of those as a sample of your professional presence, that is great.

Please also tell us your (real!) age, size, weight and where you live / do incalls from.  It would also be good to understand your experience as a professional courtesan or your reasons for looking to become a mature escort, which are far more varied than you might think!

If you are not a citizen of the EU or require a work permit, please let us know in your initial message.

Application form and personal interview for becoming a courtesan

After your initial application to become a courtesan has been checked, we will arrange a personal meeting. Then we can both see how well we get along and whether we think we can work together well.

Professional photos and description

You will need professional photographs for the site. It is normal to use a stage name to protect your anonymity. We much prefer to show faces on every courtesan’s profile, and being perfectly honest, ladies who show their faces receive more requests from clients than those who do not. But can obscure your face if you prefer. Please be aware through that we will need some photographs with your face visible to send to guests prior to the date.

Bookings and privacy

As a mature escort service our primary concerns are discretion and privacy. That applies to both our courtesans and our guests. Your personal data will not be passed to anyone, ever, under any circumstances.

We will do our best to protect your anonymity and privacy and we require the same level of discretion and courtesy from you.

Since you are an independent courtesan and not employed by us in any way, bookings will be made by us based on the availability and fees that you have previously told us. As a self-employed person you have the right to work whatever hours you choose, set your own rates and to decline appointments.  You are also responsible for your own and national insurance arrangements.

If you believe that you are ideal for Classic Courtesans, then apply now. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

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When you think of a classic courtesan what comes to mind? The harems of the Middle East? The drawing room soirées of London? The femme fatales of the 1920s? Those famous historical figures such as Mata Hari , Nell Gwynn , Lily Langtry ? All from an age gone by, the like never to be seen again?
But what about the modern-day courtesans of London such as Pamela Harriman or (by some definitions) Liz Hurley or Elle (the body) Macherson?
What makes a classic courtesan? Her sense of style? Her beauty? Her timeless charm? Or is it her flirtatious personality and her ability to entrance billionaires, presidents and the man in the street? Much like a mature escort in today’s London, a great courtesan stands out because not only does she have the ability to entertain with her wit and intelligence, but also with her body.
A true courtesan or mature escort is the perfect companion; with the ability to hold a man in her thrall both intellectually and sexually. She has an alluring personality and in her sex appeal a classic courtesan is unparalleled
Equal parts geisha, psychologist, siren, sex goddess and hostess, a courtesan is constantly “on”, always ready and perfect at all times. But she holds enough back to maintain her mystery and allure. She focuses her attention on her gentleman, making him the centre of her world for the time they are together.
As the heart of one of the world’s great empires, London had its share of classic courtesans via the royal courts.(Now London is the heart of the world’s financial empire and that role is often performed by great mature escorts!)
Nell Gwynn was a courtesan who began as an “orange seller” which was a euphemism for street prostitute. Yet in just a few years she rose from effectively being a street walker to being flaunted in public by Charles II. Pictures show her to have been a beauty with a curvaceous figure, (well, it was the era of Rubens!) and she was the epitome of a beautiful classic courtesan in the London of the time. Browse our gallery of modern-day classic courtesans where you will be sure to find a modern day Nell of your own here in London!
Lily Langtry captured the heart of the then Prince of Wales. A sophisticated courtesan, escort and actress, she became known for her London soirees that included the cream of English society. The scandal she caused in London society ended with this classic courtesan returning to her home in Jersey, far from the London court.
Mata Hari was an infamous classic courtesan, a seductress without parallel. Her liaisons with wealthy business men and German officers in Paris eventually led to her being shot as a spy. Thankfully she never made her way to London where her seductive ways would have caused more trouble for the London government. Of course true beautiful classic courtesans and mature escorts are far more discrete but just as seductive!
Wallis Simpson notoriously captured the heart of King Edward VIII and Christine Keeler seduced John Profumo and both nearly caused the collapse of the British Government.
Pamela Digby- Churchill-Hayward-Harriman may not be a well-known name these days, but both she and Jacqueline Bouvier-Kennedy-Onassis turned the art of marrying well into a science. If you can’t marry the US President, marry a billionaire…or why not do both?! And keep the name!
Jackie O used the power and influence of her winning personality and sexual allure to create the life that she wanted for her and her children. Pamela Harriman became a political power – paving the way for Bill Clinton to become President and herself being appointed US Ambassador to France.
The term courtesan is not often applied to women these days – but it could easily be applied to so many of the women in the public eye as well as the more obvious parallel with mature female escorts. Can you think of any famous women whose career is based on their looks, sex appeal, personality and the ability to attract powerful and wealthy men, without their having any discernible skills or talents?
Beauty, wit, charm, erotic allure and sexual skills that the average woman cannot even imagine. That’s just the starting point for a really successful mature courtesan, especially in London where the standards for women in terms of appearance and sex appeal are so high and demanding.
Fortunately, our classic courtesans in London aren’t looking for political power, notoriety or fame. They are doing what they want to do already and they love it! They take huge pride in their appearance and grooming, they develop their knowledge skills, they perfect the sexual arts…all with the aim of becoming that most elusive of things – the true mature classic courtesan.

The courtesan holds an interesting place in society and in our imagination. Think courtesan in fiction and you may come up with Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Think real-life courtesan and you might think of Mata Hari, Nell Gwyn or Lillie Langtry.
More controversially, you might think of Jaqueline Bouvier-Kennedy-Onassis or Pamela Digby-Churchill-Harriman and their talent for seducing wealth and power. Or even modern women who never consider themselves to be a courtesan such as Liz Hurley or Elle MacPherson.
But what does one courtesan have in common with another, and what is the difference between a courtesan and a hooker or prostitute?
The services of a courtesan are not simply about sex, though sex appeal and erotic allure are important. A courtesan has more than just a great body and beauty. They also have intelligence, charm and worldly experience. A great courtesan can mix in any social setting and make everyone feel comfortable (or so aroused that they are enjoyably uncomfortable!).
A true courtesan can go anywhere, with anyone, and escort gentlemen in such a way that they feel desired and confident. That is the heart of the courtesan’s talent and skill; to enhance the life of their patron/client and make them feel better, more successful, smarter, sexier.
With all of that, sex appeal is not enough; though that comes with the job requirement. A great courtesan also needs charm, wit, knowledge of a wide range of topics and the ability to talk about them.
But yes, at the heart of the power that courtesans hold over men is their pure sexual power. The ability to bring an otherwise powerful man back down to earth with a look that brings back the memory of a sexual encounter.
Real courtesans bring to their relationships a wealth of sexual experience that tends to come from maturity. Mature women make better courtesans, it’s as simple as that.