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“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charmimg at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life.” 

― Coco Chanel

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Mature women offer something their younger sisters cannot. Experience; life experience, sexual experience, relationship experience. The more experience you have as a lover, the better your skills will be.

Mature women escorts can rock any man’s world to the core. The sexual and erotic experience that comes from practice as mature women is considerable. Imagine the experience and technique mature women escorts have!

Mature women have style, elegance and sex appeal. Mature women know how to make the best of themselves and present themselves to best advantage, so they always look their best.

The Unknown Thing
High-class mature women possess “The Unknown Thing”. Head-turning, pulse-racing sensuality that sets them apart from younger women. It is the difference between merely being good looking and being sexy. The tilt of the head, the way sexy mature women move, the look in her eye, that sexy tone in her voice … mature women escorts know the mix of things that attract your attention and hold it. It’s nothing to do with dressing provocatively. Though when mature women with real sex appeal do show off it’s powerful stuff! It is the mix of experience, appearance, sex drive, personality, style and intelligence that mature women bring.

Pure va-va-voom
When some mature women walk into the room, the room stops. All eyes are drawn to them and every male in the room holds their breath. There may be a room full of twenty-somethings in skimpy club wear. But when The Unknown Thing walks into the room in jeans and heels or a simple black dress, all that pretty youth fades into the background. Leaving sex appeal.

Pure, unadulterated va-va-voom.
The first thing we look for in selecting the gorgeous and wonderfully sexy mature women we represent is this. Do they have The Unknown Thing? When they walk into a room do you feel the sensuality? Can you take your eyes off them?

All of our mature women have their own brand of classic sex appeal. Great bodies, beautiful faces, grace and the way they move. From the moment you meet one of our mature women escorts you will feel the draw of pure physical sex appeal.

Is there anything more disappointing than meeting a beautiful mature woman and realising there is nothing happening behind the eyes? That sinking feeling that no matter how much time you spend with this person, you are basically on your own? And if the conversation is that boring and stale, can you imagine how dull the private time would be with this person?

At Classic Courtesans , we feel that personality is as critical as physical beauty for lovers of mature women.

A truly great courtesan is interested and interesting. Sexy mature women want to know about you. They find you interesting and have something to bring to the conversation. Intelligent mature women have opinions and life experience to share. They can be conversationally provocative as well as sexually provocative!

And while you are speaking with great mature women, you just know that they will bring that energy, personality, engagement and wit into the bedroom with them.

Coco Chanel said “If a woman is poorly dressed you notice her dress. And if she is impeccably dressed you notice the woman” Style is the difference between wearing clothes and the clothes wearing you!

Believe me, when you meet one of the mature women from Classic Courtesans, you will not just notice the woman. You will notice nothing but the woman!

As well as taking terrific care of their bodies and their personal grooming, all of our mature women courtesans also take enormous care to present themselves fashionably and on-trend. But always appropriately! All our mature escorts have great personal style. You will never have one of our high-class mature escorts turning up to a theatre dressed for a nightclub. You will never find yourself asking one of our mature escorts to keep their coat on in company!

Mature women also have more life experience and knowledge, so they are far more interesting to be with. Being mature women makes them more interesting to be with. Mature women are better able to discuss a wide range of subjects and with far more charm.

Inside or outside of the bedroom, mature women have so much more to offer. With more experience and confidence, they are able to be more relaxed and playful. The confidence that comes from being a mature woman means that they are less concerned with the opinions of other people. They want to please themselves, and they know how to do it!

Having said that, mature women also know how to please a man far better than younger women. Better even than younger London escorts. So when a mature woman sets out to please a man, she knows exactly what to do and how to do it! That applies both inside and outside the bedroom. Mature women appreciate that the largest sexual organ is the mind. So they know how manage the environment and set the scene to produce exactly the desired reaction from their gentleman companion!

Experience also means that mature women know how to avoid getting “stuck in the rut” so that every encounter is as exciting and fresh as the first time. What could possibly be more exciting than not knowing what is going to happen, but being certain that it will be thrilling?

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